SBTET Diploma Results 2012-2013 C09/C05 1st Year Nov-Dec | 3rd/4th/5th/6th Sem State Board OF Technical Education and Training Semester Results 2013

ADVERTISEMENT SBTET Diploma Results 2012-2013 C09/C05 1st Year Nov-Dec | 3rd/4th/5th/6th Sem State Board OF Technical Education and Training Semester Results 2013

State Board OF Technical Education and Training (SBTET) has conducted its semesters exam in the month of November and December 2012. Around thousands of students were attended there all exams.

SBTET conducts its all semester exam systematic wise. Students can check there SBTET Results 2012 by entering there Pin No.

SBTET Results 2013 will be available at its official site.

Related Url for SBTET Results 2012-2013.

Official Url-

Results Url-

Our Team Wishes All of You Best of Luck for Your Exam Results………….

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511 Responses to SBTET Diploma Results 2012-2013 C09/C05 1st Year Nov-Dec | 3rd/4th/5th/6th Sem State Board OF Technical Education and Training Semester Results 2013

  1. eswar says:

    when are the 3rd sem results

  2. ch.Sathish says:

    All the best for one an all

  3. Nagarjuna says:

    Inka enni rojulu padathiai result ravadaniki

  4. Nagarjuna says:

    Maku malli examas vasthunai thondaraga result pettandi plzz

  5. Cherry says:

    4thsem ,3rd sem results rendu kalipi oke sari isthara.tondaraga results petandi ikada studnts waiting

  6. 10041-m-014 says:

    Please confirm date anna cheppandi

  7. ple sir 3rd semister diploma results annoused date

  8. E.RAMABABU says:

    when are the exam results

  9. E.RAMABABU says:

    when r the exam results

  10. k.sarathkumar says:

    2012 nov/dec result fast sbtet board request by ap students

  11. Anjunayak says:

    Epudu c09 6th sem results vastai date pls.

  12. ramu says:

    Sirs plz annunce 7th sem reslts bcoz reslts vasthene company lo job join chesukuntaru.,we are lot of waiting for results sir…..!

  13. Johnny says:

    C-09 result epudu plz…….!

  14. Johnny says:

    Finalyear results epudu plz…..!

  15. sivaprasad says:

    when are come to exam results what doing on there

  16. Sathya says:

    Sir plz annouce result date ,we are waiting for that……

  17. Sathya says:

    Sir plz annouce result date ,we are waiting for that, all the best my dear polytechnical students……

  18. sivaprasad says:

    which date are come to the results we are waiting

  19. vijji says:

    6thsem results when sir please say the date

  20. javid says:

    sir co9 results apudu realse chastaru next exams gani vachastunai plz sir … andaru waiting

  21. Venkat says:

    Sir plz thondara ga c09 result pampinchandi sir plz.

  22. prem kumar says:


  23. srinu says:

    sir plz c09 results date

  24. M.NAGARAJU says:

    ccc diplomo nov_dec 2012 result eppudu

  25. Veerateja says:

    When results are released

  26. koti says:

    when will come to results

  27. koti says:

    waiting for diviseema polytechinic stundents plz send me confirma date

  28. Das reddy says:

    Sir konchem tondaraga results date announce cheyyandi plz

  29. Results plz waitting for resultes

  30. rajesh says:

    all best to my friends……………………………………………….

  31. rajesh says:

    all the best my friends

  32. S.Somasekhar(11010-EE-046) says:

    Atleast confirm date plz…

  33. S.Somasekhar(11010-EE-046) says:

    Atleast confirm date plz……

  34. nishu says:

    pls announce the results…we r waiting

  35. Hariprasad says:

    sir please we r requesting you to release our results as soon as possible from sindura college gdk Ntpc karimnagar

  36. ramu says:

    When was relese the results sir

  37. ramu says:

    .When was relese the 3rdsem exam results sir.

    Plese reply sir

  38. PAVAN says:

    sir we have no time to prepare E-CET
    results pettande

  39. Vamsi says:

    When the 3rd sem results

  40. k.malli says:

    when did 6th results coming please tell me sir

  41. please display the results date sir

  42. Suneel says:

    Tondaraga vaddu andarni pass cheyandi

  43. kranthi kumar.baddi says:

    plz sir c09 results dates announes cheyadi plz

  44. Ch.Ramakrishna says:

    Result epadu sir



  47. K.raviteja says:

    When will be the 6sem results .

  48. pavan says:

    could you please reply when polytechnic c-05 exam results 2012 nov /dec .

  49. simhadri says:

    C05.oct.nov results eappudu sir plz tel me sir

  50. Tulasi das says:

    Plz sir konchem results veganga evvandi chala suspense ga undi

  51. venugopal.k says:

    my name is venugppal waiting for 6th sem results c09 tell me results date massage 9441090422

  52. naresh.m says:

    plz sir, thoraga result panpandi….

  53. naresh.m says:

    plz sir,thoraga result panpandi…..

  54. Johnny says:

    Results january monthe endenke ankunta

  55. Naga raju says:

    Sir inka anni rojulu wait cheyali ventena result internet petandi

  56. sai m says:

    hai@@@@@@@@ thisz sai m bpl vasvi ply eee
    wen the 3rd sem results

  57. sai m says:

    hai@@@@@@@@ thisz sai m bpl vasvi ply eee
    2maro may b 3rd sem results

  58. swaroop says:

    sir when did the 6th sem results come……………?

  59. Bnraj says:

    when polytechnib results plz tell me date

  60. T.RANJITH KUMAR says:


  61. GURU says:

    3rd sem result date plz

  62. Mahendar says:

    3rd sem results yepudu sir

  63. shravan says:

    sir when is 3rd sem results, we all are exited to see the results ,give reply fast n’t only me to all my frnds in the above

  64. anjaneyulu says:

    Sir my life is depended on 6th sem results could u pls tell me when they are coming

  65. P.HARIBABU says:

    When the results are released

  66. Please sir nov/dec 2012 c09 1st year,3rdsem,4thsem,5thsem,6thsem exam results quickly release sir or confirm date sbtet lo pettandi sir

  67. Sir,
    Please tell me the 6semester exam results date

  68. Ramesh says:

    Plz release results date

  69. when will be our C 09 6th sem Nov 2012 results … can the board pls annoyance the date

  70. farheen says:

    wen r c09 6th sem results plz declare d date and results as soon as possible eagerly waithing 4 dat

  71. farheen says:

    if d results cum so dat v can decide our further step wat to b done

  72. RAMESH says:

    please, tell me the announcement date of c09 results

  73. RAMESH says:

    sir, please tell me date of annoncement of the c09 results.

  74. muneer says:

    Plz cheppandi results eppudo,maku malli exams vastunnai


  76. david raj says:

    EEE co5 results when? sbtet have no time seance. anduke mem ela fail avthunam. this is tooooooo much m/s sbtet. ma jivithalatho adukokandi ra babu thondaraga pass results release cheyandi. fail results athe vadhu intlo dhobuuthunaru.

  77. david raj says:

    malli cheputhuna fail results ithe vadhu release cheyakandi. pass results release petandi… please m/s sbtet.

  78. gsurendra says:

    not result vadhu sir maku

  79. gsurendra says:

    maku result vadhu sir

  80. shanmuka kiran says:

    plz..!!!! co9 3rd sem results date chypandi

  81. Sir pls results thondaraga internet lo pettandi all diploma students are waiting for the results

  82. kumar says:

    3rd sem Results eppudu

  83. sivaji says:

    ore naku dula deripothundi results pettara /

  84. vasu says:

    please tell me c05 results

  85. Sir results letugavadilina parledu kani andarini pass cheyandi please sir.

  86. prasad says:

    hai ! friends r u waiting eagerly for the results dont worry it come positive to our’s and all the best.

  87. prasad says:

    sir please, tell me the results as early as possible next we are ready for the ecet examination.

  88. deepu says:

    hai frnds
    results this month 30

  89. rocky saif says:

    guys…be cool results r releasing on next month ie FEB 13th…its confirmed…!

  90. rocky saif says:

    farheen ham sab wait kar rahe hai results ke liye..first we should concentrate on study first rather waiting 4 results

  91. vijay says:

    when 6th sem results will come

  92. Ch.Ramakrishna says:

    Sir result epadu iam waiting pla date epadu chepadi by praise the lord jesus helping nature all student bless .

  93. Ch.Ramakrishna says:

    Sir result epadu

  94. sai raj says:

    when you anonced the 3 rd sem exams date. please replay .

  95. ANILKUMAR says:

    Plz result date

  96. bhanupratapkola says:

    hai gud mrng sir… please fastly results..

  97. bhanupratapkola says:

    twaraga results pampandi sir… chala tension tho wait chesthunam.. ma feature meru pampe results paine depend ae undi twaraga pampandi.. at least date aena anunce cheyandi sir… plz

  98. Raj says:

    when the 6th sem exams are conducted ?????

  99. devaraju says:

    sir plz… announce results date when did come

  100. devaraju says:

    c-09 results when did come sir

  101. devaraju says:

    sir plz ….. announce when did results come c-09\c-05

  102. surendra says:

    sir plz announce results date ….

  103. polumuru durga prasad says:

    plz sir result date apudo chapandi sir andaru”fed 11th” na antunaru nejamana

  104. 6 th sem result eppudu

  105. bhaskar says:

    c-05 results plz reliz sir

  106. Mani says:

    Plz tell me results date today kada

  107. Mani says:

    Sir, when you reles the c09 results?

  108. Aman khan says:

    Aare kya hai ye sir…… Kab tho hai hamare result……zara jaldi bolo.

  109. parvez says:

    conform the date.!!!

  110. parvez says:

    conform the date

  111. parvez555 says:

    conform. result date,

  112. sarath says:

    hai sir when are results

  113. Hemanth says:

    7th of feb the results will be uploaded in the net

  114. lok lokesh says:

    6th sem results plz say the date sir

  115. Shiva says:

    Sir plz c-09 results

  116. akhil says:

    please release the results soon.
    we are waiting.
    and we are very tensed about it.
    and we are not able concentrate on 4th sem so plz release them soon.
    thank you.

  117. Ravikumar says:

    When 3rd sem exam results

  118. mohan says:

    when 5th sem results comes out

  119. NANI says:

    we are waiting for results pls tvaraga results pettandi sir.

  120. RAFI says:

    Sir when d C09 3rd sem results plz declear d date…..

  121. when r the c09 results

  122. YASH says:

    WAITING……………………….. FOR RES_ _ TS

  123. pranathi says:

    agandi babu vache antha varaku

  124. pranathi says:

    god does all well dont worry

  125. pranathi says:

    plz …results thondaraga pettandi sir

  126. JANI says:


  127. sir please plz plz plz plz plz sent the my results.we are waiting for that

  128. s dinesh says:

    sir c 09 results release chyandi plz

  129. abhi says:

    Sbtet is waste to annouce results

  130. sir wn our result tl me plz

  131. nanda says:

    sir u said that results wil be announced in january but january is going to be completed now how sir !if u announce the date we can feel happy. plz…… sir everyday its like torture and tension. we should prepare for ecet plz sir……………………………

  132. MADHU says:

    Plz….sir tell me annocements

  133. nanda says:

    plz…………….annnounce the date to my mail

  134. Ch.Krishna vamsi says:

    Sir plz send a results plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz we shoud not consentrate on studies because of results so send a results plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir

  135. nanda says:

    plz JESUS help me sir announce the timings


    Pl. declare 3rd sem 09 results as early as possible
    Sai Ganapathi Polytechnic, Gidijala, Anandapuram Mandal, Visakha Dist

  137. sailaja says:

    When will b the 6sem results out

  138. s.m.gouse says:

    risults eppudosthai sir

  139. mastan says:

    plz telme result sir

  140. srinu says:

    Sir 3rd sem results epudu plz reply

  141. santosh vemula says:

    what happend by ccpt-c05 results please tell me sir

  142. Eswar says:

    sir plz anounced the 3rd sem exam results

  143. Naniraj says:


  144. sreedhar says:

    wheh the 6th sem results will come

  145. ajay says:

    plz kep c09results

  146. Ch.Ramakrishna says:

    Date chepadi sir all students waiting result

  147. prashanth says:

    i want result

  148. subbarayudu says:

    december nundi post pone avutune unae

  149. kavitha says:

    Please tell me c09 sixth sem results date urgently

  150. kavitha says:

    Please tell me c09 6th sem results urgently

  151. anitha says:

    oray ni ayya results thondaraga pettara

  152. Lokesh says:

    Nenu tention tho chachipothunnanu could you tell me please immediately results

  153. Lokesh says:

    Hai what r u doing

  154. M.Veeranjaneyulu says:

    plz send the C-05, 6th sem results immediately sir

  155. mahesh says:


  156. prasad says:

    result date post cheyandi sir

  157. prasad says:

    plz post result date

  158. jhari says:

    sir all subjects pothayani anukuntunanu plz..send the date…….

  159. PRATHAP G says:

    pls sir quickly realesed co9 results

  160. SRINU says:


  161. Sir, when is the 3rd semester results ,sir eppude results pampichandi sir plz thank you sir

  162. Sir, when is the 3rd semester results. sir eppude results pampichandi sir, thank you sir.

  163. N.HARISH says:

    Anna results yepudana poragalu results kosam dhivalu thisthuru

  164. Rajasekhar.t says:

    when will come 3rd sem results ? Plese tell me friends/sir

  165. sai krishna says:

    sir pls release 6th sem results or anounce date

  166. vara prasad says:

    sir pleass results date pampandi ikkada badalu padutunnmu sir

  167. please sir maku date cheppand ikada badalu padutunnamu sir

  168. appu says:

    sbtetap anedhi ok jaffa board , inka enni rojulu results release cheyakunda , nijanga idi oka pedda jaffa board

  169. kishore says:

    please put the results we are waiting our 1000eyes.
    do it fast


  170. KALASANJANA says:

    miku government salaries waste ga istundi , inka enni rojulu padutundi ra results release cheyadaniki wastefellowsssss

    miku em happy ga salaries vastunai ga , ph cheste careless ga answer istaru miku asalu government job ela icharu ra idiots

  171. karan says:

    hi guyz dnt be frightened of results it wil come within 3 to 4 days all d best guyz

  172. Kanakamravi says:

    Sir plez tell me date sir. c09 6th sem results plez sir…… ………………………………………………………………plez sir

  173. ashok kurcheti says:

    sir thondharaga result pettandi sir 6th sem

  174. Yaswanth says:

    Lanja kodakalara results apudu ra.. Ne amma ne allidenga rendu rojullu lo results chepaka pothai gudha anta pagala dengutha

  175. Yogesh says:

    Sir, plz sent us results we are eager about results..

  176. ABDUL REHAMAN says:

    sir results ee roju vasthaya?
    ledha eppudu vasthay?

  177. rathnashekar says:

    plz sir tell me announcement of results

  178. Plz sir tondaraga results pumpenchandi plz plz……

  179. raj says:

    hellow sir when the 6th sem result we all are waiting for the result because we have to plan the backlogs subjects or further studies you should have to be listen na students problem

  180. ajju says:

    dont worry frnds i think today nit wil release not confirm but i have hope that today nit it will be release ..sir otherwise confirm the date plz we r waiting bcz we have to plane for further studies i hope it will be reach u….all the best my dear frnds 6th sem students be ready once again c at nit

  181. rakesh says:

    when 3rd sem results come

  182. plz announce the date , that when will be 3rd sem results .. ..

  183. prasanth says:

    sir 3rd sem results apudu vadalatharu sir

  184. prasanth says:

    date chapandi sir please

  185. rohith kumar says:

    when the sbtet reslts of c09 scheme of 6th sem results

  186. A.B.N.LAKSHMAN says:

    date chepamdi sir results apudu

  187. vinay says:

    plz 3 rd sem result yappudu

  188. chaitanya yegireddy says:

    when are u coming in c05 results

  189. jagadish says:

    Dear sir can u tell when there is 3rd sem results if u know the date plzzzz email me at

  190. zeeshan says:

    please issue the results of 3rd sem as soon as possible

  191. zeeshan says:

    i hope you will anounse results in short period

  192. suni says:

    sir eapudu 3rd sem results

  193. ANIL says:

    sbtetap anedi ok pedda jaffa board , andulo pani chese mirandaru oka jaffa na kodukulu , results release cheya leka potunnaru mikenduku ra jobs, jobs vadilesi langalu kattukondi ra jaffa na kodakal lara…….miku nijanga siggu, sharam, unte e comments chusina tarvatha ina kuda results release cheyandi be

  194. nagendra babu says:

    eppudu sir

  195. PRATHAP G says:

    pls tell me result know

  196. ganesh says:

    sir please results pampandi

  197. PURNIMA says:

    when realesed the 6th sem results oct/nov 2012
    pls tell me the result date pls send plsssssssssssssssssss

  198. Venkatesh says:

    Ekada results kosam vating plese fast ga evadi

  199. sivaprasad says:

    pls 3rd sem result coom past

  200. sivaprasad says:


  201. anwar says:

    sir plz send plz

  202. venkat says:

    Give me Results date ptz sir

  203. Prashanth swamy says:

    Plz…., announce the results date….,

  204. Naveenkumar says:

    Appudu result sir all the best all my frnds

  205. Results conform date chepandi

  206. Baji says:

    Plz waiting from results

  207. Baji says:

    Plz waiting from results baji

  208. petersen says:

    plz release the 6th sem results

  209. ali says:

    Hi guyz result r on feb 2 so inform to others also .good luck

  210. ali says:

    Relax guyz result are before feb 5 ok cool my friend.dont take tension just pray to god that every one pass ok…

  211. jeevan says:

    when d c09 6th sem results plz

  212. vijaykumar says:

    3rd results date cheppandi sir plz

  213. vijaykumar says:

    when 3rd results release date

  214. vijaykumar says:

    dear frnds phani,satish &all don’t worry. I think results are release today night. so be ready face it. c ur bubbly at tommarrow

  215. Veen says:

    Result yapudu chapandi inka tension tagutadi maa student di

  216. pavan atp says:

    plz results date cheppandi

  217. pavan atp says:

    sbtet postpone lenidhe results vadaladu

  218. sreedhar says:

    sir eppadu result oka year tarvata pamputara endi

  219. raghu says:

    waiting 4 results

  220. Tousif says:

    When does our result declared.relese rerult as soon as possible.because if we are fail we have to prepair backlog subject..and to prepair .E.SET exam.

  221. suresh mv says:

    sir pls 3 semester results petandi

  222. suresh mv says:

    pls 3 rd semester result petandi

  223. ANIL KUMAR says:

    sir please conform on date for all years. every time we are getting lot of confusion with the exam date

  224. nanda says:

    6th sem results epudu?asalu release chestaara ledaa?u said that u release in january but january is gone ikkada tension tho chasthunnam

  225. nanda says:

    january ipoindi inkem results ecet ki prepare kaavali sir

  226. jhansi says:

    sir, plz say the result date

  227. surender says:

    inka enni rojulu babu results reliz cheyandi we r all dip studnts waiting for us

  228. bunny says:

    hello bro whr is the sixth sem results we r eagerly waiting for dis u said results will release on jan but its gone then wht abt feb u may release on dis month or not ha…..waste team

  229. bunny says:

    sir all of them asking abt the results but u whr not posted a notification date when the results will b released dis is knowing that u hve no min responsibility on students wright…….

  230. rashid says:

    are loude elanti fake website lu enduku pedataru

  231. naresh says:

    oye ennirojulu chudalane results gurinchi thondaraga cheppu

  232. All the bet for all final year students for bride future.

  233. sheik imran says:

    Gud eve sir ! Oka china help cheyandi. . . .fail ayina valani pass ga declare cheyandi

  234. Sambasiva says:

    when will come to diploma results of c-09, plz release date sir

  235. Sambasiva says:

    when will come to diploma results of c-09 all semesters Reults.plz announce release data sir.

  236. k.sambhasiva says:

    when will come to diploma results of c-09 (all SEMESTERS), plz announce release date sir

  237. shaik.khadeer says:

    november 2012 c09 results eppudu

  238. Yugandhar says:

    i am yugandhar: Please announced 3rd sem results sir

  239. sri says:

    6th & 3rd sem results appudu sir wer r waiting 4 dat….?

  240. sainath says:

    it is too late we are not interested in studying fourth sem pls sir date willbe announce sir from mragr megamec

  241. Yugandhar says:

    I am yugandhar sircilla(tt):3rd sem results Feb 03 11:30pm declared

  242. prem raj says:

    when are the results are coming please announce the date sir . we are eagerly waiting for it .please……………………………………………,sir.announce the date please

  243. kiran says:

    results ivvara memu chadavadha

  244. santosh vemula says:


  245. Satish says:

    Results appudu release chestaru maku me valla campus interviews miss ayipoyam

  246. madhava says:

    eapudu sir results

  247. c05 results eppudu sir

  248. Narasimha says:

    Results eppudu ra babu…

  249. Narasimha says:

    Iam Waiting for the result raaaaaaaa

  250. Ashraf gate kodad says:

    Sir c09 results issue cheyandi plz

  251. praveen says:

    sir plz 3rd sem results yapudu

  252. 1st year,3rd sem nd 4th sem results epudu vasthyi plz plz thondaraga upload cheyandi students waiting ekkada

  253. Kampe raju says:

    Plz result late aena paravaledhu andharini pass cheyandi

    • balaji says:

      is there any chances to change drawing internal marks pls give suggestion i have 10 marks in drawing need to get 40 out 60

  254. Mohan says:

    When 6th sem resuts

  255. ajju says:

    plz release the result ve have to join in e.cet chocing

  256. syed omar says:

    hello where is the 6 semister results it’s too late not to wait students more time we are so much depressed about our results…esc polytechnic nandyal.

  257. mohan says:

    We r a waiting ccc c.00 batch

  258. raghunaidu says:


  259. sai says:

    sir results appuda evakandi maku enka scholar raladhu vachina tharuvatha evi navi 1st ,3rd sem kalipi 8 subjects vundi pothayi entholo thidatharu anduku thanku sir

  260. ashok says:

    theenama am jeevitham ra .manisulani champanduka e results late. chasaru . sbtet students life tho games adutundi

  261. M . S . K says:


  262. sir results apudu vastayo koncham thoraga date chepamdi sir net bal ayipotundhi plz…ur’s sreenu

  263. murali says:

    thaks for all

  264. Sudhakar says:

    Plz 3rd results appudo cheppandi.sir…..we r not concentrate the 4th sem plz date anna cheppandi sir

  265. SAGAR says:

    results apudu sir 2014 lo release cheyandi……………………inko two months ki malli exams untay e.cet untadhy memu apudu prepare kavali ……………

  266. Yugandhar says:

    Results ku nka good days raledu

  267. when was the result sir please reply sir

  268. ESWAR says:


  269. SAIRAGHU says:


  270. SAIRAGHU says:


  271. SAIRAGHU says:


  272. Manasa§ri says:

    Sir theszz døøndi…when hour 3rd sem results plz plz plz date anounce cheyandi…

  273. Daya says:

    “Results are issued after 2nd week of FEB………”

  274. nagesh says:

    Sir, please tel us confirmed date of results students are waiting for that only

  275. SURYA says:


  276. Rajesh says:

    6th sem results when sir plz tell me this is Rajesh

  277. SURYA says:


  278. sujay prasanna says:

    wait for results

  279. Sachin pawar says:

    Result date cheppandi sir..

  280. venu gopal says:

    ela thittesthunnarenti madam problums untai kadha

  281. hello friends reslts relise date taylusa friends replay me ..

  282. sairam says:

    3rd sem results eppudu pks mention correct date

  283. B.Ajay sai ram says:

    pls announce an date when the results are eagerly waiting for that

  284. pavan atp says:

    date cheppandi chalu

  285. nani says:

    thondhara pettandi sir plz pothaei ani telusu malli chadavadaniki prepare avuthaamu

  286. GURU says:

    NE amma results apudu bey malli exams vastunay ala rayala bey

  287. Sir when was 3rd sem results pls answer sir leka pote 2020lo pampandi bratukute chustam

  288. Sir when was 3rd sem results pls vastunda rada lekapote nenu pyki poye mundu anna cheppandi pls tondaraga pampandi sir

  289. Don srinu says:

    Sir pls results pampandi leka pote next sem exam taruvata 2oke sari pampandi meeku easy ga untundi

  290. vijay says:

    jesus know that every we will trust him

  291. R.kanna 11006-m- 032 says:

    When our 3rd sem results

  292. Adibabu says:

    Sir when will the results release please ………

  293. yegireddy chaitanya bobbili says:

    dear sir,

    when will i got diploma c_05 results 2013.

  294. Rahul says:

    when will u announce the first year results(2009) plz tell me sir…………

  295. Sambhu Manideep says:

    Hello brothers dont trust sbtet just be confident that you will get good result.
    Any have “ALL THE BEST” to one and all

  296. Kishore says:

    Results r release 11th Feb evng.doubts umte 9705817744 cl me dis num..

  297. mahe says:

    results apudu andi sir……
    and avnu e year diploma ipoyina tarvata direct 3rd ha sir …. chepandi sir waiting

  298. sk.basheera says:

    sir plz announced the supply result

  299. Narendra says:

    I expected results are released running on this week..!

  300. HARI says:


  301. Narendra says:

    including c90,96,00,05,09

  302. Narendra says:

    be patient

  303. abby says:

    guyz i got latest news all the result will come beforeg15feb all result c09 c05 etc

  304. BHARAT says:


  305. phani says:

    sir results epudu vastay plz rply

  306. manikanta kelu says:

    Sir atleast anounce the date of c05 results plssss sir ….Frm gpt bpl

  307. srikanth says:

    when c-09 Oct/Nov-2012 results are release

  308. Shaik jelan says:

    will u pls announce C09 6th sem results date pls. sir……………………………………………..

  309. Shaik jelan says:

    what happen sir………. diploma results ki entha time enduku padutundi……….
    so mamy peoples r waiting for u r annonucing date. why is u r system always late………………

  310. gani says:

    result apudu vasthaei sir

  311. Rakshu says:

    Result epudu sir pampandi plz

  312. Yugandhar says:

    Hai friends i am yugandhar sircilla; results coming tommorow early morning

  313. Hemanth says:

    it was too late
    please announce early

  314. srinu says:

    orey yerri na kodakallara results eppudu vadulutarra ……..

  315. srinu says:

    results ra donga nakodakallara,,,,,,,,,,

  316. Q says:

    Release results or i am going to die.sbtet reponsible for this

  317. SONU says:


  318. bunny says:

    sir inthamandhi results date aduguthunte merenti sir kanisam oka notification kuda pettaledhu do u dont hve any responsibility on us alantappudu inkendhuki xams

  319. pavankumar says:

    sir results date plz……… 3r sem

  320. Akhil says:

    Plz sir thvaraga results pampamdi

  321. Madhava says:

    sir 1th sem result apudu ?

  322. hussain says:

    3rd sem results thoraga pampandi sir exams daggaraku vasthunnai prepare avvaleka pothunnamu

  323. RRC says:

    when is results tell me quickly date

  324. o ammo o abbo results thodharagane pamputunnare thank q guruvulu

  325. Yugandhar says:

    Hai friends i am yugandhar; exams result CD pogotukonipoidha sir andhuke results late avuthundha?

  326. dileep says:

    when given results 5th sem and 3rd sem. All the best to all.

  327. ple annoused 3rd sem results sir ple ple ple sir

  328. mastan.s.k says:

    when the 3sem results please anonce conforme date

  329. vamshi says:

    reslt apudra babu.. koncham twaraga cheppandi

  330. paila.prasad rao says:

    sir…..plz tell me when did 5th sem results will come

  331. SAGAR says:

    sbtet ap lo staff chanipoyara??? sir

  332. Avinash says:

    Hello sir wen r the 3rd year c05 results can u plz confom the date

  333. Sekhar says:

    Don’t afrid of results be confident that U have written the exams well ? so meeru results gurienchi bayapadavadhu so be confident….

  334. Swaroop says:

    Hai students

  335. sandy says:

    sir plz release the results

  336. venaktesh says:

    sir could u pls tell me result date

  337. A.sukumar says:

    Release all xam’s sir….we r getting tension…4r it…plz undstand

  338. arun says:

    when diploma in pharmacy 1st year supply results sir……

  339. syam says:

    6th sem result pettandi sir ecet ki prepare avvali plz sir



  341. siddu says:

    when cm 7th sem results

  342. harshitha says:

    vachina rakapoina results nen matram mathslo bucket thanuthanu.i hve confident on me.dtz harshitha.thamudu gud luck meru kuda mathslo pokunda chuskondi

  343. harshitha says:

    aray guruvulara maku thokkala results thondarga petti chavandi maths prepare kavali.dtz harshitha

  344. harshitha says:

    k meru badapadakandi ah valu pass chestharu.

  345. manasa says:

    mee andhariki oka subhavarrtha i.e meeru prathee okkaru pass ayyaru bayapadakudi.naenu meeku thodai vunnanu 9jesus beleiver)

  346. manasa says:

    janma janmalaku meku runapadi untanu nanu mathslo pass cheyandi darling

  347. Varaprasad says:

    When the results of c-09 Oct/Nov 2012 please reply me sir

  348. Moulali says:

    Results twaraga pampandi sir pressure tattukolekunna…

  349. veera's says:

    orey board directer lafangi nakodaka results eppudu bhe …malli exam vastunnae prepare avvalo ledo ela telustundi bhe ….tondaraga results pettandi ra donganakodakallara…….

  350. Anil says:

    Ante sbtet v r wating for nov/desm resuts .say the dat

  351. ravi teja says:

    please sir, could you please tell when the 3rd sem results

  352. sarath says:

    when are you results sir

  353. M.siva(mbts) says:

    Sir.which college state1 in pass% in ece branch

  354. M.siva(mbts) says:

    Sir.when the results c-09

  355. Sampath(DME GUNTUR) says:

    Hai friends results are coming soon

  356. M.siva says:

    Sir.when the results my friends are waiting

  357. raju says:

    you have any reply about it…….
    so many students are troubling for your irresponsible behaviour…….
    already next sem has arrived , but there are no previous results…
    its so shame to you all…….

  358. SURESH says:


  359. vinny says:

    plz sir 6th sem relust epudu sir entha mandhi aduguthete oka reply kuda ivadam ledhu asalu miru comment chesthekadha miku tinada padukodam thapa veruvi patichukoru kadha emi chadam maana govt. Ala unadhi adi sagathi sir

  360. Yugandhar says:

    hai i am yugandhar sircilla; results Feb 13. (now sbtet board verification student data)

  361. praveen says:

    results on feb 23rd 2013

  362. y.mahesh says:

    pls tel me when r comming results pls

  363. siva says:

    hai andaru results kossam waiting mana mandaru pass aepovalani a god ki prayer chedam be confident mekku results epudo telusukovalani vunda ayeta 04023220459 e no ki phone chesi adagandi ok darlings bye

  364. VEERRAJU says:


  365. sivaprasad says:

    may be 13th wait dude

  366. harsha says:

    hello dude..results appudu chappandi…14 tharavatha pampndi. ..k

  367. Mallikarjuna.kammara says:

    Plz tell sir results waiting for 4 th sem

  368. Anand says:

    When 3rd sem results come?

  369. jagadish says:

    when are result.

  370. Ashok says:

    Lanjodaka results pampiy kothaga cherinavara lanje

  371. bharani kumar sriram says:

    1st year 3rd sem and 4th sem results are out ha??

  372. srinu says:

    ory i want results ra ikada tenson vastundi

  373. Ganesh dadi says:

    All the best friend you have good results

  374. Malla.suresh says:

    Hai frdz

  375. Rames says:

    Me board valla gudhalu chereyali ra niyamma lanza pellanni denga.a results enti ra ne gudha dengunchukuntu correct chesaru enti ra niyamma.dont do this type of dengudu.

  376. G.Sowjanya says:

    Sir 6th sem result eppudu vasthye. please reply me. C-05

  377. d.nagaraju says:

    how long c-05 ,06 batch continue the exams
    please tell me.

  378. M.vijay says:

    When c05 results coming bro’s.the results from sbtet,always late…

  379. ANIL says:


  380. yesu says:

    i saw notification for march/april 2013 exam fee but results are not given ?????????

  381. jagadheesh says:

    plz send c-08 results urgent sir

  382. sandeep says:

    sir c05 results appudu vastai

  383. sadath says:

    whn r results r u madam sbtet al r waiting next xam fee notification also came ur destroying all student lifes c05

  384. ramkumar says:

    hello sir, can u please tell me the results of c05 nov/dec 2012. please sir………
    please replay as soon as possible… thankyou…..

  385. k.kiran says:

    c05 oct/nov result epudu
    plz chepandi

  386. K.PRAKASH says:

    em chesthunnaru me board sabhyulu asalu pani chesthunnara leda i want c05 results inko sem ayipoyina tharvatha isthara meeru me board……………..

  387. K.PRAKASH says:

    thondaraga pettandi c05 results

  388. murthi says:

    when c08 results plz tell me date

  389. venkatesh says:

    jaffa ga results rakunda exam fuse ala date anncement chastava nevu manisivana results pampu

  390. srikanth says:

    annaya plz c-05 result pampu

  391. ashwin says:

    sir can u plz tell me release date of c-05 oct/nov 2012 results date.

  392. sowmya says:

    sir could u pls tel me when c05 results pls declare the date

  393. saihamsa says:

    sir could u pls tel me the co5 results, at least declare the correct date pls sir we are so tensed

  394. could u pls tel me the co5 results ,when released at least declare the date sir we are so tensed

  395. sadath says:

    waste board whn c05 result

  396. M.JAGADESH says:

    Sir 1st year exam time table net lopetandi sir

  397. sapalilla says:

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  398. manoj kumar says:

    sir plz tell diploma 1st year results date. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  399. bushra says:

    sir please tel me when are c09 1st yr results going to cum….
    its say by today its gonna come…it is true…??

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