dte.kar.nic.in Karnataka Diploma Results 2013 | schools9.com Karnataka Department of Technical Education Diploma Results 2013


dte.kar.nic.in Karnataka Diploma Results November 2012-2013 | schools9.com Karnataka Department of Technical Education Diploma Results 2013

Karnataka Department of Technical Education (DTE) has conducted its Diploma Examination. In November/December 2012, Diploma exam was conducted at various centers in Karnataka.

Around Thousands of candidates were attended this exam and many of them are wondering for there Diploma Results 2013.

Results will be available in the month of February 2013.

Official Site will display Diploma Results 2013 First on Internet.

Related Urls for Karnataka Diploma Results 2013.

Results Urls-


All of above sites will update this exam results.

Our Team Wishes All of You Best of Luck for Karnataka Diploma Results 2013……..

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183 Responses to dte.kar.nic.in Karnataka Diploma Results 2013 | schools9.com Karnataka Department of Technical Education Diploma Results 2013

  1. beeresh says:

    when our results coming…

  2. prakash gowda says:

    May be on feb 8th.

  3. When our exam Result ?

  4. ajit says:

    Wen is result

  5. shashidhar says:

    sir pls tell me when dec 2012 will announced

  6. T.ashish says:

    In feb on which date result will come sir

  7. Sona says:

    When is result tel it soon

  8. Sona says:

    When is result tel it soon pls

  9. sameer says:

    guys as i heard result is on 2 of feb 8951404040
    contact me for news update sameer

  10. vivek says:

    guys 100% result will announced on the following dates

  11. vishwa says:

    When our exam Result ?

  12. veeresh kumar says:

    when our results r coming

  13. savio almeida says:

    feb 9th

  14. Nagaraj says:

    Sir result,,,,,,,,,,,

  15. when our results coming Plzz Tel Me About This

  16. Soumya says:

    Before feb 10

  17. Shivu mellenavar says:

    Please tell me diploma Nov 2012 result when it’ll come?

  18. Ashok says:

    Results are came on feb 9th all the best

  19. Arkesh says:

    wen r our results..?

  20. diploma 2013 karnatka result.

  21. Nagnath says:

    Can you send me exact date of results

  22. raju007 says:

    may be on these days will 7 9 11 th feb

  23. adarsh says:

    please tell me
    when is comeing? diploms result

  24. Pramod v k says:

    Diploma results will be available 9th feb all the best

  25. pramodh b says:

    Diploma results are exactly comes on feb 12th k

  26. nagaraj bettappanavar says:

    when the result are announced

  27. rakesh says:

    when will the results

  28. hi jnp thanakusnoor nov/dec 2012 exam announced on 9th feb……

  29. imran khan says:

    when the result are announce

  30. Anil says:

    Hai friends diplomo result is coming 9th feb.all the best for urs result

  31. Narasimha says:

    Pls tell me diploma result date

  32. when the results are coming

  33. Ajeet B K says:

    When was result

  34. Shreekar says:

    Sir, i am waiting for my diploma results. let me inform that when the results will going to be declared because in the organization where i work they are asking my marks cards please do the needful
    Thank you

  35. kiran says:

    plz tell results to 9481158971

  36. manju sn says:

    May be this month 9th or 11th

  37. sanjukumar says:

    result is coming now please connect my no

  38. sanjukumar says:

    please contact to gpk……………….

  39. sanjukumar says:

    2day at 6pm will declare.

  40. Jeevan gowda says:

    plz announce the result sooooon

  41. praveen gowda says:

    when is results plz ……….

  42. Murali krishna says:

    Diploma results will be on 9th feb all the best for results

  43. Ashwin says:

    Diploma result yavaga?

  44. bharath says:

    when will our diploma results come

  45. shakeeb says:

    PLease any here to tell me when the result is Coming

  46. nithesh says:


  47. adarsh says:

    when is resultssssssss……..

  48. Suni says:

    Result coming soon…… All the best frnds

  49. Ravi says:

    Wen is the result ????????

  50. Rv says:

    Plz tell wen is the result…..

  51. SRIDHAR GUBBI says:

    Can you please let us know the date of announcement of Diploma 2nd year third semester results for exams held in the month of NOV-DEC 2012?

  52. Mahadevaprasad.b says:

    When is our diploma result

  53. Manju says:

    Feb 9 2013 at 1-30pm

  54. Victorious says:

    ASLMWLKM result will be come on 9th feb

  55. Jagan says:

    plz plz plz all polytechnic students are waiting Nov/Dec 2012 Results !!

  56. Rahul jayanth says:

    Whole karnataka is waiting for result when is the result

  57. Sunil says:

    Desprately Waiting for diploma result nov2012

  58. gulnaz begum says:

    Plz wen is our diploma 1st semester results

  59. gulnaz begum says:

    wen is our 1st semester results . We r waiting for it.

  60. appu says:

    Guys all r waiting for result and it will be soon, ha but before Valentine day result will come…! :-) D I P L O M A

  61. appu says:

    Guys all r waiting for result and it will be soon…! :-) D I P L O M A

  62. imran khan says:

    lag raha hai 5th sem 6th sem dono result sath me dega

  63. sunaag says:

    wen wil our results wil announce

  64. shafik says:

    dont tenstion for the result
    always happy like me…

  65. MOHAN says:

    hey plz tell me the exact date of

  66. MOHAN says:

    hey plz tell me exact date of diplamo results…..?

  67. sanjay gowda says:

    frmds yavaga diploma result….

  68. Santosh says:

    Not confirm mey be 7, 9, 11

  69. jeevan shetty says:

    when the result will anounce?

  70. Rajesh says:

    Diploma Result Will Come On 11th Feb 2013 @ 4:30pm

  71. avinash says:

    al the best frnds

  72. amita naik says:

    when is our results comes.

  73. sumit dutta says:

    sir i want to know when is our result coming?

  74. Viresh says:

    Results are not come.

  75. Simon says:

    I’m gonna surely :(

  76. Ganesh.m.m says:

    When diploma result

  77. Simon says:

    I’m gonna fail surely

  78. punith says:

    When diploma result

  79. Harish desai says:

    Please tell ME WHEN RESULTS

  80. mdfayaz says:

    ary bhi galdi bhjo result dhkna hay

  81. Mahesh M N says:

    plz all polytechnic students are waiting for results

  82. Srikanth gowda says:

    When is the result

  83. hi frnds diploma results will be announced on 9th febuary 3.30pm n all the best for all karnataka diploma students
    s.r.v.r.polytechnic bagalkot

  84. santosh says:

    plz tell fast diplomo result and all the best of all the students

  85. Rv says:

    Someone plz tell me wen is the result 8553968343,
    All the very best to all……

  86. Sabder ali says:

    Hi friends yours waiting time is over results is coming soon

  87. Sabder ali says:

    Diploma result is n’t coming because BTE officer and all other members are sleeping his should n’t andustand student feeling ok

  88. gowtham kb says:

    Hai gud evng guys and dte,when our diplmo result out..i am waitimg for my result any one cne tel that date :-)

  89. gowtham kb says:

    Hai hassan guys ,result will declare early as soon..

  90. DTE says:

    result will declare tommrow on 4pm ,ALL THE BEST MY STUDENTS.

  91. madhu kiran says:

    syill when u will up load results????????????????

  92. Shrikanthsajjan says:

    9Feb …..$

  93. nithin says:

    feb 9th 100%

  94. hari says:

    wen is the result ?

  95. hari says:

    wen is the result

  96. sabir says:

    when are our results

  97. sabir says:

    plz tell me the date me diploma results

  98. sabir says:

    plz tell me the date of diploma results

  99. chethan says:

    when is diploma-2013 result,send the date…………….

  100. Bhasha says:

    Hamare polytechnic ka result kab aata yar plz batao 8951546614

  101. Sandeep says:

    dial *131*10*9741917399# only vodafone users

  102. Sandeep says:

    Result date will be announced at dte.kar.nic.in tommorow

  103. Nikhil.N says:

    sir when is result

  104. Nikhil.N says:

    when is result

  105. sushma says:

    when diploma results…….?

  106. virupakshi says:

    can u please say me some one when is the result…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. pooja.nagenhalli says:

    please publish the result very fast because our 1st internal exams have started

  108. sachinkumar methre says:

    when will be the results

  109. dairy milk says:

    all the best:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

  110. siddu patil says:

    when diploma result please tell me

  111. Sathish says:

    When is result??plz

  112. sangamesh says:

    the diploma nove 2012 results availabe at 9th feb all the best for ur result

  113. Santhosh says:

    Tomorrow is the exact if you want to confirm call to this 9686796851 or 7353238684

  114. Nizam Syed says:

    Its a humble request to all of the students to be prepared mentally and physically coz results ll be anounced tomorrow. Dont say best of luck say all the best.

  115. shafik says:

    9-feb-2013 is the polytechnic result dont be tension
    please use this website
    my contact is :7204480085

  116. shafik says:

    be cool guy’s always happy******:):3

  117. Siddusshrigani says:

    Plz dclr dip. Results.. Its over dte..

  118. chandan T says:

    i think the results will be announced on 8th

  119. Thimme gowda says:

    good night sweet dreams all of friends result announced will be 9th ok

  120. Madhu MK says:

    9th conform

  121. Sunitha G says:

    Result will be announce Tomorrow 4.30pm

  122. Shafik says:

    friends please use below web site for the diplomo reuslt


    if u any doubt please call me
    my contact is: 7204480085 ( shafik Ahmed) diplomo

    Thank you…

  123. Aloneshekar says:

    Please declare me result

  124. Manu H.L says:

    when result ple. teei me…8892475932

  125. Rajesh says:

    Nov/Dec – 2012 Diploma Exams Results on 8th Feb. 2013 3.00 PM
    means Today Announced in this website ” http://www.BteLinx.com

  126. Can u please say me when is the result….

  127. appi says:

    hellooooooooooooooooooooooo…… bosssssss wen will coming pa…. our diploma risults.. plzzz rlzz early b’cz so many girls r wating our risults… plzz dont dly tnq,,,

  128. MD SAJID AKHTAR says:

    when the diploma result announce november 2012

  129. MD SAJID AKHTAR says:

    diploma result non 2012

  130. Mohan Shekhanavar says:

    On feb 8th at 3:00pm diploma result ll be declare to net, plz check ur results.

    All the best Diploma students.

  131. pramod says:

    today after 3

  132. Raghu s gowda says:

    Fr sure today at 3pm

  133. chiru says:

    i got my result wn i wrote exam ly :-)

  134. Rajesh says:

    Nov/Dec – 2012 Diploma Exams Results on 8th Feb. 2013 4:30 PM
    means Today Announced in this website ” http://www.BteLinx.com

  135. raj says:

    any body tell when is diploma result plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  136. Dhanu says:

    2maro is the result

  137. Dhanu says:

    Feb 9th is the result

  138. gangadhar says:

    Can any1 pls tell me when diploma results are . Atleast tell us a perfect date. .

  139. suraj giri says:

    today result is out, it is sure.

  140. monk bart says:

    rajesh if u dnt knw exactly just stop fooling others. Why the hell u display nonsense? I have to complaint to bte i think about this rubbish.

  141. Deepak. says:

    At wat exact date diploma results are coming……

  142. punith says:


  143. monk bart says:

    what is the website name. Dnt tel dtelinx.com please

  144. Rahul says:

    Dont worry be happy results will come on 11 all the best

  145. pramod kumar s gvp college chitrdurga says:

    best of luck 2 all diploma students nd 4 my swt hrt Roopa doodamani Belagam

  146. sandeep says:

    when our nov/dec 2012 diploma exam revaluation result anounce?
    plz, replay me to my cell no

  147. sir wen i s the wen is the 6th sem result diploma held on april 2013 for cet candidate

  148. yash says:

    when is the may 2013 result..?

  149. adi says:

    whn s diplomo reslut of may 2013.. can any one infoem me plse

  150. karhik br says:

    sir when is nov 2012 diplamo results…

  151. Abhilash says:

    when our diplomo 2013 dcet results ?

  152. Chaitra says:

    When diploma 2013 may results ll be declared????

  153. vijay says:

    Boss when is ur may 2013 results will come……….

  154. vijay says:

    when is ur may 2013 results will come……….

  155. madhu says:

    when is the may 2013 result>?

  156. adithya says:

    whn s diplomo may 2013 result for dcet students

  157. darshan says:

    when our result of may 2013

  158. chanju says:

    wen may 2013 results announced

  159. Sripada.M says:

    All sites are closed and no one posting the Results.. :(

    Which site will Diploma results gets announced.. :)

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